Frequently Asked Questions*

If Nrf2 is so important, why haven't I heard of it?

Actually, there are more than 9,000 scientific publications relating to Nrf2 in the U.S. National Library of Medicine. So far, Nrf2 hasn't gotten the mainstream attention it deserves. Hopefully, this will change soon; and consumers as well as health professionals will realize that reactivating the protective power of the Nrf2 Cell Defense Pathway is essential for good health.

To restore my Nrf2, how often should I take Latarum®? 

Twice per day, approximately 10-12 hours apart, is best. Because Latarum® is a plant-associated bacterium, one that loves to live on plants, it's not adapted to living in the intestinal tract of humans. Consequently, it doesn't survive indefinitely and should be replenished regularly.

Regular replenishment wouldn't have been a problem for our ancestors. They consumed fermented foods and beverages containing bacteria like Latarum® several times each day. And the very earliest humans, who were vegetarians, constantly consumed large quantities of plant material coated with bacteria like Latarum®.

Do I need to refrigerate my capsules?

Refrigeration isn't required.  Latarum® is a hardy probiotic, well-suited to storage at room temperature. However, it should be protected from heat and moisture. 

Do I have to co-ordinate my consumption of coffee or apples with Latarum®?

That isn't necessary. The goal is simply to consume foods or beverages that are rich sources of caffeic acid (like coffee and apples), 2-3 times per day and to take one capsule of Latarum® about every 12 hours (like morning and night). So, for example, if you take Latarum® at breakfast, it will be ready to generate Nrf2 activator from your apple at lunchtime. Similarly, Latarum® taken at night will be ready to generate Nrf2 activator from your coffee the next morning.

What if I don't like coffee or apples? 

To provide benefits, Latarum® needs a dietary source of caffeic acid, and it's generally agreed that coffee and apples are the richest sources. In addition to coffee and apples, any foods or beverages derived from apples – including applesauce, apple cider, and apple juice – are also good sources of caffeic acid. If you don't like any of those foods or beverages, regular consumption of a variety of fruits and vegetables should suffice. However, data on the caffeic acid content of fruits and vegetables is inconsistent, apart from general agreement that coffee and apples are best (See: Published Research/Dietary Sources of Caffeic Acid). 

What type of coffee is best, regular or decaf?

Either is fine. Usually, only a small amount of caffeic acid is lost during the decaffeination process. Despite the similarity in names, caffeine and caffeic acid are unrelated.

Is it best to take it on an empty stomach or with food?

With food is best. 

What time of day is best to take Latarum®?

Anytime is fine, but spacing the two daily doses 10-12 hours apart is what matters. 

How soon will I experience benefits?

Latarum® can begin to restore the protective power of your Nrf2 Cell Defense Pathway immediately if you include coffee or apple products in your diet. As for when to expect improved energy or improved feeling of wellness, many people have reported benefits within as few as 7 days. But, for others, it required 2 -3 weeks. With sustained restoration of Nrf2, additional benefits can accrue over the course of months and years. 

Do I have to keep taking Latarum® to sustain benefits?

Yes. That's because Latarum® won't remain indefinitely in your digestive tract. It's natural habitat is plants, not the digestive tracts of animals. Therefore, it must be replenished.

I have trouble swallowing pills. Can I break open a capsule?

Yes. Simply sprinkle the tasteless Latarum® powder on any food or mix it with a cool or room temperature beverage. Don't combine Latarum® with a hot beverage. High temperature can reduce its viability. 

Where is Latarum® made?

Latarum® is made in the USA by a Good Manufacturing Practice Certified facility using the latest technology. Each lot of Latarum® is scientifically tested and verified to generate vital nutrients that Nrf2 requires. 

Can I combine my other probiotic supplements with Latarum®?

Combining Latarum® with other probiotics may be counterproductive. That's because other probiotic bacteria can compete with Latarum® for residential space in your digestive tract. Latarum® supports Nrf2, and it also supports digestive health. Although other probiotics provide digestive support, chances are they will do nothing for your Nrf2. (See: Discover Latarum®, and Supporting Science). 

I thought the best probiotics contained many different strains of bacteria. Latarum® has only one. Why?

The rationale behind probiotic supplements containing many different bacterial strains reflects a shotgun approach. In other words, if you don't know which probiotic may actually provide benefits, mix as many of them as possible together and hope for the best. Latarum® represents a new direction in probiotic science. Latarum® is a natural strain that has been specifically selected and scientifically verified to support the Nrf2 Cell Defense Pathway.

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Latarum® is the only probiotic scientifically tested and verified to support the Nrf2 Cell Defense Pathway for Total Body Protection.